Frequently asked questions by our clients

When is the due date for my personal tax return?

Your tax return needs to be filed and tax & NI paid by the 31st January. This does not mean that it should be left to the last minute. All paper work and receipts etc.. should be handed into to us at least 8 weeks before the due date to ensure that the tax return  is completed by the deadline. Any delay in this can cause you to have heavy fines from HMRC and extra fees are applicable. 

How much does the tax return cost?

The charge to prepare and file your tax return is £ 150 - £ 300 + VAT depending on the quantity of information we need to process. Different charges apply if we are also dealing with your LTD company's bookkeeping.

How much does the bookkeeping of LTD company cost?

The charge for bookkeeping is £ 40 + VAT per hour. 

Do you provide help with claiming social security benefits?

No we don't provide any services for claiming income support or any other forms of social security benefits.